Reviews & Testimonials

“Milesh is an inspiration to all of us.  His new book Ghaby’s Organic Garden captured the attention of our young students.  His book weaved directly into our unit of study on plants, seeds and gardens. His passion about planting the seed of sustainability in the very young is undeniable.  We will have him back to our school in the near future to share his knowledge on creating green habits.”  – Ms. Macnab, Director of Early Childhood Programs at South Loop School


“Very educational for kids, especially it teaches them how to eat healthy foods.  Very interesting, very colorful, and the good health lesson it provides to the children.  Also, the book teaches to count numbers and each ghabit habits rhymes.  I really liked the book and would like to have one in each of the classrooms to read to my kindergarten students.  Incorporating Ghaby’s story in the curriculum to teach children at an early age how to be healthy, and live in a good environment is very important for creating a healthier and greener world.” – Ms. Perez, Edwards Center for Young Learners


“I have been nagging my 6 year old daughter, Sofia, to eat more veggies and fruits for years but have not been successful until today.  When we went for grocery shopping, she asked if we can get carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and corn.  I was taken aback and asked really?  She said that Milesh read Ghaby’s Organic Garden storybook in the classroom and told that Ghaby, the green penguin, eats veggies to stay healthy.  I want to be healthy like Ghaby.  Thank you so much for reading your book in the school and helping Sofia eat healthy.”  – Ms. Lopez, Mom of 6 and 4 year olds


“My little man loves reading your book and does a Ghaby Puppet show every night.  He loves the illustrations.  Thank you so much for writing such an educational storybook for the young ones that teaches them about eating healthy and where food comes from.  I learned a few things myself about organic gardening.  Hope your book and the puppet gets into the hand of every kid.” – Ms. Fisch, Mom of 2 toddlers  


“Wow.  It was not just a story.  I learned something.  I am going to start eating healthy food every day.” – 5 yr old student at South Loop School


“I liked the book a lot.  I also liked Ghaby.  She is so cool and green.” – 4 yr old student at Edwards Center for Young Learners


“I love Ghaby.  Can I take her home with me to help me plant some veggies in my yard?” – 5 yr old student at Curtis Elementary School    


“I really liked the book and Ghaby puppet.  I learned about gardening and that I should eat healthy food and not junk food.  I want to be an author and write about plants like you.  Will you visit again soon to read Ghaby’s other books?” – 6 yr old student at Edwards Center for Young Learners