About Ghabit


We started Ghabit as social networking, QR-based habit tracking mobile application and green consulting practice. After the sale of our Web and Mobile Application Practice, we have shifted our focus to a volunteer-based environmental & health education for low-income communities.


Encouraging the adoption of green habits and a healthy lifestyle at an early age, with fun, inspiring and educational products and programs while giving back to low-income communities.

Product Promise:

Ghabit Storybooks, Puppet and Eco-Products are Sustainably Made in USA using recycled materials.

Dr. Ghabit’s Inspiration:

When I was a little boy, I used to dream of a greener paradise with my friend Ghaby, the green penguin.  I had forgotten this dream until I first hand witnessed the impact of our actions on Mother Earth and was appalled to learn that 1 in 5 US kids is obese.  I left a stable career to follow my true passion and founded Ghabit to inspire and educate healthy and green habits to children and parents.  The book and eco-products of Ghabit are here to help others learn about honoring our planet and developing greener habits.  When you buy a book, we will donate a book to a school in low-income communities.  I hope you will join us to create a healthier and greener planet.

Ghabit is always looking for enthusiastic and eco-caring volunteers to be part of our GVO (Ghabit Volunteer) team. Please feel free to contact us.