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During my recent trip to India, I noticed that packaged food products either had a green or brown symbol.  Up on further investigation, we found that vegetarian food had the green dot with a green square symbol and non-vegetarian food had the brown dot with a brown square symbol.  This makes it super easy for people to choose products, especially in a country like India, where nearly 500 million people are vegetarian.  Being a vegetarian myself, I was excited to not second guess every time I had a meal.

I hope one day symbols such as these would be part of US food labeling as well along with GMO or Non-GMO labeling.  Having information easily available can significantly help us make better choices for our health as well as creating a healthy eco-cycle.

Did You Know:  7.3 Million Americans Are Vegetarians and additional 22.8 Million follow a Vegetarian-Inclined Diet.

Keep on greening,

Milesh Jain

aka Dr. Ghabit

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